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V2M - a Pioneer in Computer Hearing
Spearheading a new AI field which called Computer hearing, V2M creates a solution for on-board diagnostics using sound. The development of V2M can not only effectively find and detect malfunctions while driving, but also predict future breakdowns.
We already made it possible for cars.


Blind spots and imperfect onboard diagnostic with lack of experience leave drivers ill-equipped to accurately discern unfamiliar car noises or sounds.
  • Wheel hub bearings
  • Wheels
  • Shafts
  • Axels
  • Ball-joints
  • Bushings
  • Control arms
  • Bottom mudflaps
  • Belts
  • Tensioners
  • Idlers
  • Pulleys
  • Rotors
  • Pumps
  • Fasteners
  • Springs
  • Alternators
  • Motor bearings
  • Anti-roll bar bushings and links
  • Shock absorbers
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  1. Two acoustic sensors collect sound and convert it into a digital signal.
  2. The signal is transmitted by wire to the control unit.
  3. The control unit converts the signal dinto a sound file.
  4. The unique AI-powered software of V2M analyzes the sound file to determine if there’s a malfunction on board and, if so, what type of malfunction it is.
Acoustic sensor
Control unit
Acoustic sensor
  • Design based on widely available components
  • No need to change the supply chain
  • No specific certification required
  • Cost effective
  • High reliability
  • Operates in a real time mode
  • High accuracy
  • No Internet connection needed
  • Easily installed in current vehicle hardware
“The solution V2M is proposing could very well delight customers and add to the value proposition that many brands wish to offer their customers through integrated and connected solutions.”
Theo-Han Jansen
Strategy & Product Management at WirelessCar


Acoustic based vehicle diagnostic system
This novel tech listens to your car to diagnose issues
V2M tech is designed to catch car problems – by listening for them
Without AI you can’t be safe on the road
AI-based self-diagnostic solution for vehicles makes one hear malfunctions to Improve safety
Acoustic fault trace as a diagnostic parameter of modern vehicles
AI diagnoses a vehicle by its sound
V2M’s cutting-ddge neural networks transform automotive fault diagnosis


  • Spin-off from academic R&D
  • Prototype developed
  • V2M company incorporated
  • Patent pending
  • Prototype built
  • Road tests started
  • Pre-seed fundraising
  • Software upgraded (new method)
  • Prototype upgraded (easier & cost effective set up)
  • Proof-of-concept
  • Intellectual property upgrades
  • Two pilot projects with car manufacturers
  • Recruiting (team expand)
  • First MVP production
  • Seed invest round
  • Predictive diagnostic R&D
  • First revenue
  • Predictive diagnostic road tests


Petr Bakulov
Founder & CEO, PhD
15 years of experience in the automotive business, 10 years of academic work, former professor of department “Transport telematics” MADI, RDRC winner. Entrepreneur and scientist, racing driver. Author and leader of the V2M.
Sergey Surguchev
Sergey Surguchev
AI Engineer
Machine Learning engineer in Computer Vision field. Developer of a visual perception system in Formula Student Driverless team.
Andrew Maltsev
Andrew Maltsev
Engineers's degree with honors, more than 35 years of experience in development.
Roman Gordeev
Roman Gordeev
C&I Research Scientist
Engineer, software developer, project manager, co-founder and CEO. Roman had a long way to success from zero and bring all of his expertise to the V2M.
Ivan Mishanin
Ivan Mishanin
Co-founder and COO of Brainify.AI. Founder and CEO of Bright Box before its acquisition by Zurich Insurance Group for $75 million.
Vladimir Ezhov
Vladimir Ezhov
IT Specialist
More than 20 years of experience. Vlad is a real guru and geek in IT.
Vladimir Ezhov
Indra Sutalaksana
Financial Strategist
An accomplished business professional with an extensive experience and well-versed academic background in law and supply chain management.


Listen to the sounds of real malfunctions and match them with the suggested variations. You will only have one try.
Front right hub
Rear left hub
Bevel gear bushing
Front right hub
Bevel gear bushing
Real left hub
Sound 1
Sound 2
Sound 3
Sound 4


Please fill in the form if you want to learn more about the possibilities with our product
Please fill in the form if you want to learn more about the possibilities with our product
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