V2M COMPANY We are absolutely very first in the world!

V2M is a Delaware company. Based on an all scientific experience in sound and in cars diagnostic (from 1978 till nowadays) we developed an innovative method by analyzing typical sounds of real car malfunctions. Our system detects car malfunctions by the sound the car is making.

We have 10 years of scientific traction which included 6 articles in scientific magazines (incl. Scopus), 3 reports at the world conferences.
We have a highly specialized team of Transport Telematics, Engineers, Software developers and Sound analysts.
Our founder is a specialist with a PhD in the automotive field, a professor in the state university and an entrepreneur with his own dealership.
In 2022, we finished the prototype and received a patent. The future is coming, with V2M cars will be heard!

Right now, if your car breaks you only have a few options. You can:

  • Fix the problem yourself;
  • Go to your mechanic;
  • Call Roadside Assistance;
  • You can also make an appointment at the dealer.

All of these options can be expensive and are not easy for car owners. Literally 20 years ago the concept "driver" was a profession, but today the basic knowledge about the construction of the car is excluded from the training programs of driving schools and competence of modern drivers may not be enough to correctly identify an extraneous sound (noise).


Of all requests for repairs contained the concept of "diagnosis". The data include all requests, where at least one of the items was diagnosis (of any kind).


It turns out that 14.7% of all requests (that is more than half of the diagnostic requests) contained the presence of any noise as a symptom of failure.

V2M — IS THE SOLUTION. Using modern technologies in the field of electroacoustics and sound systems, the V2M team has developed a technique that, using special software (artificial intelligence, a multilayer neural network), determines the presence of faulty sound patterns and concludes that there is a fault on board the vehicle in difficult conditions of dynamic movement of the car in space loaded with a large amount of extraneous noise.


Vehicle noise depends significantly on the mode of operation and operating conditions. It is characteristic that for cars with internal combustion engines during the certification acoustic tests up to 90% of the sound energy emitted by the vehicle is attributed to the power plant (ICE).

Front right hub
Rear left hub
Bevel gear bushing


Electric cars due to the absence of internal combustion engines can be a better subject to harmonization, thanks to this the V2M system is able to work even more precisely.. Due to the higher accuracy of the work, for the drivers V2M allows them to change a part just before it breaks – it’s easy, safe and budget friendly.


Listen to the sounds of real malfunctions and match them with the suggested variations. You will only have one try. The winner receives a 20% discount on our NFTs.
Sound 1
Sound 2
Sound 3
Sound 4


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